A demonstration of the OpenVPMS web application operates online so that you can have a play with OpenVPMS - check out how it looks and feels!

Remember that OpenVPMS is completely customisable so you can make it work any way you wish.


To access the demonstration follow the link below. To open the demonstration in a new tab or window hold down control (windows) or command (mac) while clicking the link below. A login screen will be presented. Enter the following information:

  • user name= guest
  • Password= User1234

nb. this is case sensitive

While you are in the demonstration you can press Alt-F1 to get help on the current screen.  You can also view the system documentation for release 2.1 here.


Note to Internet Explorer 9 users: OpenVPMS is best viewed using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browsers. If you want to use Internet Explorer 9, you must turn on Compatibility View.

OpenVPMS is not compatible with Microsoft Edge