OpenVPMS 1.9.2


  • fixes a number of bugs in the 1.9.1 release
  • improves performance and stability

The release can be downloaded from the Download page.

See Installing OpenVPMS for installation instructions.

NOTE: users upgrading from 1.9.1 do not need to perform any migration other than loading the updated Product List Report template.


  • [OVPMS-1879] - Implement caching in schedule and work list tables to improve performance rendering Display Expressions
  • [OVPMS-1882] - Add Alt-I shortcut to invoice button in Workflow - Customer Orders
  • [OVPMS-1883] - Select the next order/return after invoicing in Workflow - Customer Orders
  • [OVPMS-1724] - Add support to timeout ESCI connections
  • [OVPMS-1873] - Change Ignore List Price Decrease behaviour
  • [OVPMS-1890] - Prevent editing of medication products, where the medication is linked to an invoice
  • [OVPMS-1900] - Move OpenVPMS Editor Launcher into its own project
Bug fixes: 
  • [OVPMS-1877] - Intermittent NPE when editing HTML mails
  • [OVPMS-1878] - Macro expansion in mail editor not captured
  • [OVPMS-1881] - Sessions table in Administration - System not sortable
  • [OVPMS-1888] - Expired prescription can dispensed from if it has already been dispensed in an invoice
  • [OVPMS-1891] - Incorrect price invoiced when partial product name entered
  • [OVPMS-1892] - Quantity changes to dose based on patient weight when estimate invoiced
  • [OVPMS-1893] - Product List Report shows only one price