OpenVPMS 2.0.1

This fixes a number of bugs since the 2.0 release, and includes minor improvements.

The release can be downloaded from the Download page.

See Installing OpenVPMS for installation instructions.

Upgrading OpenVPMS

See Upgrading an existing system for general instructions on upgrading from an earlier release.

The following steps must be performed:

  1. run archload
  2. ensure that the Practice has a value for the Mail Server. This is now required when emailing reminders.

The following steps are optional:

  1. Load templates
    • Label (OVPMS-1902)
    • Statement (OVPMS-1902)
    • Customer Running Balance Report (OVPMS-1896)
      reports/Reporting/Reports/Customer/<Size>/Customer Running Balance Report.jrxml
    • Customer Acquisition Report (OVPMS-1926)
      reports/Reporting/Reports/Customer/<Size>/Customer Acquisition Report.jrxml


Changes in this release include:

  • [OVPMS-1896] - Customer Running Balance report does not display 'show unfinalised' option
  • [OVPMS-1902] - Changes for AddressFormat (single line)
  • [OVPMS-1926] - Enhance Customer Acquistion Report to show email addresses
  • [OVPMS-2047] - Add support to automatically invoice SFS treatment decreases
  • [OVPMS-2049] - Change auto population and validation of clinician fields
  • [OVPMS-2055] - Display browser toolbar in window launched via Alt-F1
Bug fixes: 
  • [OVPMS-2046] - Shared logins cause "Transaction rolled back because it has been marked as rollback-only" errors
  • [OVPMS-2050] - Invoice items can be claimed in two separate claims
  • [OVPMS-2051] - Reminder processing ignores REMINDER contacts that have preferred=false
  • [OVPMS-2052] - Email reminders sent with wrong From address in multi-site practice
  • [OVPMS-2053] - ESCI timeout handling masks errors
  • [OVPMS-2056] - AbstractCRUDWindow allows editing of stale objects
  • [OVPMS-2057] - Claim Add Visit and Add Problem may not save conditions if no charges added
  • [OVPMS-2058] - Appointment/Calendar block Weekday repeat incorrect if Start Time different to selected slot time
  • [OBF-196] - CachingLookupService should refresh related lookups