OpenVPMS 2.2.2

The OpenVPMS development team is pleased to announce the release of OpenVPMS 2.2.2.

See Installing OpenVPMS for installation instructions.

See Known Issues for any known issues with this release.

Upgrading OpenVPMS

See Upgrading an existing system for general instructions on upgrading from an earlier release.

Users upgrading from a release prior to OpenVPMS 2.2.1 should consult the OpenVPMS 2.2.1 release notes for upgrade steps that should be performed to migrate from those releases.


Users upgrading from OpenVPMS 2.2.1 should perform the following steps:

  1. Copy from prior OpenVPMS installation to <OPENVPMS_HOME>/conf
  2. Migrate the database
  3. Load updated templates
    • Stock Back Order Report
      To load the A4 version, use:
      > toolbox template --load 'Stock Back Order Report' --size A4
  4. Install the web application
  5. Configure plugins
    If you are running OpenVPMS plugins, these will need to be redeployed.


Features in this Release


Investigation submission prompting

Investigation submission is now prompted for during invoicing, via the OK button or when the Submit Investigations button is pressed. These will open a dialog to list pending investigation orders, and allow users to select which ones to submit.

Previously, investigation submission occurred automatically when Apply or OK was pressed. This proved too limiting for external laboratory orders where tests may need to be added in stages.

Stock Back Order Report

A Stock Back Order Report has been provided to list stock on back-order, with support to filter by stock location, supplier and product. This can be launched from Reporting - Reports.

New sample reports

A number of sample reports have been added to the reports/Sample/A4 directory in the release distribution:

  • Sample Vaccination Certificate Next date in full.odt, contributed by Yuri Sos
  • Sample Vaccination Certificate Next date month year.odt, contributed by Yuri Sos
  • Sample Vaccination Certificate.odt - this demonstrates using a report macro to list vaccination reminders

See the included Sample/readme.txt for usage instructions.



See Requirements for the pre-requisites for this release.

  • [OVPMS-2442] - Add support to filter tests by investigation type
  • [OVPMS-2449] - Provide review buttons for investigations in records summary
  • [OVPMS-2457] - Use practice level preference to select the default refund item type
  • [OVPMS-1845] - Improve error reporting when a document is not found
  • [OVPMS-2322] - Prevent investigation device editing after order placement
  • [OVPMS-2422] - Prompt to submit laboratory orders
  • [OVPMS-2436] - Add help page for act.patientClinicalLink
  • [OVPMS-2444] - Provide a stock back order report
  • [OVPMS-2447] - Update investigation status to Received when users attach results to lab investigations
  • [OVPMS-2448] - Provide sample OpenOffice vaccination certificate that includes batch information
  • [OVPMS-2453] - Provide sample OpenOffice vaccination certificate that lists upcoming vaccination reminders
  • [OVPMS-2455] - Expand vaccination certificate examples
  • [OVPMS-2456] - Provide toolbox option to display database size
  • [OVPMS-2465] - Improve deadlock error reporting
Bug fixes: 
  • [OVPMS-1874] - Kettle plugin doesn't support mapping lookup nodes with wildcards
  • [OVPMS-2036] - Improve handling of DocumentNotFound errors when emailing
  • [OVPMS-2304] - Document deletion fails if it has versions
  • [OVPMS-2437] - Migrated tests missing useDevice node
  • [OVPMS-2438] - Patient Insurance: sorting by Insurer or Claim Status fails
  • [OVPMS-2441] - Diagnostics log viewer stops reading binary data
  • [OVPMS-2450] - OVPMS-2241 migration fails for sites that didn't run the 1.7 to 1.8 migration
  • [OVPMS-2458] - openvpms-1.8-to-1.9.sql migration fails under MySQL 5.7
  • [OVPMS-2459] - Scheduling refresh triggers premature submission of appointment text field entry
  • [OVPMS-2463] - Cannot delete investigation with multiple versions
  • [OVPMS-2464] - Cannot add medical records directly to patient history
  • [OVPMS-2469] - Cannot search laboratory tests by name when Search Identities selected
  • [OVPMS-2470] - Inactive devices available for selection when creating investigations
  • [OVPMS-2472] - Insurance claim charge browser shows incorrect 'To Pay' amount for negative invoices