OpenVPMS 2.2.3

See Installing OpenVPMS for installation instructions.

See Known Issues for any known issues with this release.

Upgrading OpenVPMS

See Upgrading an existing system for general instructions on upgrading from an earlier release.

Users upgrading from a release prior to OpenVPMS 2.2.2 should consult the OpenVPMS 2.2.2 release notes for upgrade steps that should be performed to migrate from those releases.


Users upgrading from OpenVPMS 2.2.2 should perform the following steps:

  1. Copy from prior OpenVPMS installation to <OPENVPMS_HOME>/conf
  2. Install the web application
  3. Configure plugins
    If you are running OpenVPMS plugins, these will need to be redeployed.
    Users running the PetSure VetHub OpenVPMS plugin need to update to version 2.2.1 of the plugin





See Requirements for the pre-requisites for this release.

  • OVPMS-2535 Add support to send customer address and email details to SmartFlow Sheet
  • OVPMS-1278 Sort document input fields according to document position
  • OVPMS-2532 Remove investigation Date <= Last Updated validation
  • OVPMS-2519 Re-instate population of investigation description from investigation type.
  • OVPMS-2509 Disregard XML schema validation in order to view malformed ESCI documents
  • OVPMS-2500 Improve performance of HL7 messages dialog display
  • OVPMS-2497 Message monitor refresh triggers premature submission of text field entry
  • OVPMS-2496 Provide PracticeService for plugins
  • OVPMS-2495 Add date of death, age methods to Patient API
Bug fixes: 
  • OVPMS-2534 Emojis in emails cause communication logging to fail
  • OVPMS-2530 Clickatell plugin fails to start
  • OVPMS-2517 Investigation editor can select a default device that is inactive
  • OVPMS-2511 Emailing fails under Java 11
  • OVPMS-2501 'Amount doesn't match the sum of the Items' error changing medication quantities during template expansion
  • OVPMS-2494 Cannot add HL7 tests to products
  • OVPMS-2493 Cursor not moved to the end of macro expansion
  • OVPMS-2481 NPE viewing all customer alerts from the customer summary
  • OVPMS-2480 Plugin Stop/Start doesn't work for APF based plugins
  • OVPMS-2474 Laboratory device browser doesn't render custom devices
  • OVPMS-2542 OpenOffice documents with input fields fail to print correctly  [ release]
  • OVPMS-2550 Roster synchronisation error triggers UI failure if a user has colour defined [ release]
  • OVPMS-2559 Discount calculated incorrectly in charges with a negative quantity [ release]