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Currently the medical records and charging components of a typical visit are separated out into two different screens and essentially two different areas of the application.  The check-in and consulting workflow moves you sequentially between these functions but this does not suit the typical workflow habits of most veterinarians who like to be able to view clinical records, enter charges, enter clinical notes etc in no specific order.  So the medical records and charging components need to be merged into a single dialogue and used during the check in and consulting workflows.

Presently in the medical records view you do not see charges associated with a visit you only see dispensing(medication) information associated with charged medications.  There is a charges tab in Medical Records but these charges can not be separated by visit or even invoice. They just represent all the charges for a patient and can be sorted by date, clinician, type etc.  We need to be able to enter charges at the same time as medical records and also only see charges and totals for the current visit.

Charges should be visible on the medical records summary tab and associated with specific visits.  Previous visits which do not have any links between the actual visit and the charge can not show the charges in the summary of course.  The medical records filter should provide a means to filter charges in or out

Also during a typical consult it is important to be able to see and modify reminders, alerts and documents. The new interactive reminders in 1.5 help being able to modify reminders on the fly but during a consult it is nice to be able to display and modify /add the reminders and the products which are associated with them.  We need to display the reminder/alert tab in the integrated visit editor. We should also display the document tab.

One last but important feature relates to charging and visit status. Invoices can be In Progress, Hold, or Completed and this also changes appointment and task status displasy for workflow.  The Visit status on the other hand relates purely to whether the medical records entry has been completed and does not effect any of above status displays although the Visit Completed dat eis set when the status is updated.  I think we should still maintain the two but if the visit charges are marked as completed the visit status should also be changed to Completed.  This may stop some confusion.  Obviously when an invoice containing the visit charges is finalised the visit editor will not allow any changes or addiitons to these charges but will still display them. 

We have actually JIRA'd these initial specifications and provided an estimated cost to develop.  Obviously as the specifications are discussed and potentially modified the costs may change. 


We are looking forward to your input on this important project.


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