Appointments By Clinician with Ex GST Sales


Version: 1.2 & 1.3

This report template lists all the scheduled visits or appointments for a vet/clinician along with a summary total of their sales for that period. Each clinician is shown on a seperate page. The report can be filtered by  Start and End date.





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Copying reports

Hi all,


After just posting the pateint sterilisation report error, I have tried to install this one also and have come up with the error: "Column `activity_start_time' in where caluse is ambiguous"


I suspect that there is something wrong with how I am copying the code?


I have been clicking on the link to the attachment, then "saving the page as " using the mozilla task bar menu and saving in a folder on the server. Then adding a new template in Administration, selecting a report and setting it as financial and setting the admin level, clicking on the upload to browse the folder on the server.


Does anyone have any other ideas?


Amanda Hulands-Nave Bellarine Veterinary Practice

Appointments By Clinician

Sorry typo :

Should read "....where clause is ambiguous"


Amanda Hulands-Nave Bellarine Veterinary Practice

Appointments By Clinician

Hi Amanda,

You need to be careful here as many of these reports have been written for version 1.2 databases and you are running a 1.3 version which requires changes to the reports.  

We need to highlight on the pages which ones are compatible with each version and where possible provide both versions as well .



Report version incompatability

Hey guys, yes this report was written for version 1.2.

I will update tonight and post a 1.3 version.




Appointments by Clinician 1.3 version released

This report has been updated for 1.3

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