Idexx Smartflow Outage

As many OpenVPMS customers will be aware,  Idexx Smartflow has been experiencing significant service issues since Friday 5th August and these continue to affect those users who utilise these services.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : LOG4J Security Vulnerability

On the 11th December we became aware of a security vulnerability in the OpenVPMS application that could be exploited to gain access to the server OpenVPMS is running on.

This security vulnerability exists in a library that is part of the OpenVPMS application called Log4j which is responsible for logging messages in OpenVPMS.  The vulnerabilty is called Log4Shell (

Can't access Open VPMS this morning

Hi hoping someone can help here:

We've had a server shut down over the weekend, and although we  can use all other programs on our computers again, we can't get into Open VPMS.  THe message we get is: 

Unable to conect

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost: 8080.


Can anyone help with this issue??



How to Subscribe to Individual Posts on this Site

It is now possible to subscribe to individual posts and you can unsubscribe to these at any time by visiting your account. 

In order to receive email notifications you will need to join the OpenVPMS community by creating an account. there is no charge to join the community.

You may wish to subscribe to:

  • a post on a subject you are interested in
  • a post you have made yourself

If you subscribe to a post you will receive email notifications of:

  • comments made on the post
  • updates to any comments on the post or updates to the post itself

To subscribe to a post

My experiences with the new Enhanced Scheduling

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been quiet for a while. Tony and Tim have not! Don't forget to visit the Community->Enhanced Scheduling Group pages - I've updated the main post inviting for comment on the new functionality and also requesting people interested in contributing to the development financially to contact me via email.

So I've been playing with the new enhanced scheduling on the website and here are my impressions;
The look:
Is good. Clear and clean just like the OpenVPMS app to date.

Version 1.2 released

OpenVPMS is pleased to announce that beta testing has been completed and the latest release of the the OpenVPMS web application (version 1.2) is now available for download

Changes in his release include:

Beta 2 testing of version 1.2 underway

Version 1.2 beta 2 has been released and can now be downloaded for testing.

Release notes can be found on the downloads page.

New community area on the website.

Some of you may have noticed the new menu item "Community" at the top of the page. This is a new resource where community members can collaborate and share their ideas on individual projects to do with OpenVPMS. 


At the time of posting there are 3 groups:

Mailing list filter repaired.

The mailing list filter was behaving.

The filter is supposed to remove quoted messages in posts that arrive on the forum via the mailing lists. This stops the same message appearing multiple times in each post to the forum.

It had been filtering out more than it was supposed to. Most would not have noticed as I had been manually repairing them.

The filter should now be fully functional. Messages from the list should have the message filtered so that a quoted message appears like this:

Investigation Module - Working Group

We are seeking interested parties who wish to be involved in a working group to specify and/or help develop an Investigation module for OpenVPMS. OpenVPMS already allows the storing of various investigation results but we believe it needs a more integrated approach to investigation management.
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