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We are seeking interested parties who wish to be involved in a working group to specify and/or help develop an Investigation module for OpenVPMS. OpenVPMS already allows the storing of various investigation results but we believe it needs a more integrated approach to investigation management. We see this including investigation ordering, work-flow management and the ability to automatically process electronically transmitted investigation orders and results to/from various internal and external service providers. As with everything we do at OpenVPMS the specification and development will be completely open allowing participation and use by all providers. If you are interested in being involved please comment here and we will get the ball rolling. Cheers Tony


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Investigations module

Hi Tony, I would like to be involved in the development team for the investigations module. I would be willing to offer any input from a practice point of view and once the plan has been agreed upon, contribute financially to the implementation if the service suppliers do not cover the costs. Please let me know what I can do to help, Sam

We have support from our sponsor Gribbles.

I'm not sure if this is the right place any more but I'll start here and see how it works out.

Further to discussions on the forum last month one of our founding sponsors Gribbles Laboratories has very kindly offered to help fund the development of our investigations module. Its main area of interest naturally is in the realm of processing of clinical pathology requests, tracking and reporting. The delivery of these services within the medical profession is managed by the Eclinic organisation who will be very much involved in developing this process with OpenVPMS. Tony has put together an initial set of (very compehensive) requirements for this and we need to take this opportunity to discuss exactly how we would like it to work in our practices.

If you didn't get the chance to read the forum contributions last month, have a quick look here:


If this is an appropriate place for the discussion to take place we might see if Tony can put his list up here for us all to use as a starting point..

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