Trimming trailing whitespace in textfield

Dear Forum Members,

Not sure if posting this in the correct forum but interested to hear if people think the below described behaviour is what they expect.

When using openvpms ( on a tablet or phone as I do a lot in the field, if autocomplete fills in the client or patient search field it adds a trailing space to the word that is placed in the textfield. If the search button is then pressed no fields are returned as the query is submitted with the whitespace included rather than trimming it.

As an example if I start typing Smith in the client search my phone will autocomplete that after about "smi". I then have to manually go back to the field though and delete the extra space or what is submitted is "smith " not "smith".

My question then is "is trimming trailing white space on a search going to cause people trouble?" and if the answer is no how do I place this as a suggested improvement?


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Re: Trimming trailing whitespace in textfield

Raised as OVPMS-2689

Re: Trimming trailing whitespace in textfield

Many thanks Tim.


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