Hi All,

Rather than revive a dead post from 2018 I was wondering if there was any progress on support for VETENVOY? They have recently made this free to practices which has got me interested. The majority of UK insurers and labs (and PMS suppliers) support the vetenvoy system but I'm not sure if this is true in the Aus market where most of the openvpms client base is.


Any info appreciated.



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There has been no progress on VetEnvoy support. Are you using the email claim support?


Not currently using openvpms for insurance at all as from what I have read it is a major faff to get specialised forms loaded in. In addition, if not using VetEnvoy, a lot of insurers in the UK offer an online portal. I guess what you are suggesting implicitly is that openvpms could at least keep track of the claims, even if it was not possible or practical to directly submit the claim through the PMS.


You could use OpenVPMS to manage policies and collate all the data for a claim.
It generates a PDF with the collated details.


I second Tim;s advice

Many pet insurer's in Australia utilize PetSure a company that has provided a plugin the OpenVPMS that allows simple 2 click claims handling

Those that dont we use a the manual management

We still add a policy and make a claim ...we then forward the claims package to the insurer.  We customised the provided claims document to include a Nondisclosure clause.



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Hi Chris,

Vetenvoy support was initially discussed some time back but it was difficult to engage with them and understand the pricing model.  Given we are a NFP Open Source solution my understanding was there were costs in using their hub from the PIMS and Practice side.   Good news they have dropped the Practice costs but still wondering what the costs would be to a PIMS provider.  As you know we have a very different financial model to your standard commercial PIMS and hence are unable to cross charge these costs so the only way it could work is if the Practice covered these costs ...

Happy to discuss further as it would be a worthwhile feature to incorporate if we cnan work this out.  :-)


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