OpenVPMS 2.0.2

This fixes a number of bugs since the 2.0.1 release, and includes usability improvements.

The release can be downloaded from the Download page.

See Installing OpenVPMS for installation instructions.

Upgrading OpenVPMS

See Upgrading an existing system for general instructions on upgrading from an earlier release.

Users upgrading from 2.0 should perform the upgrade tasks in the 2.0.1 release.

The following tasks must be performed:

  1. Load templates
    • Medical Records
      reports/Patient/Medical Records/<Size>/Medical Records.jrxml 
    • Insurance Claim Medical Records
      reports/Patient/Insurance/<Size>/Insurance Claim Medical Records.jrxml 


Changes in this release include:

  • [OVPMS-2069] - Add support to sort on Owner column in Select Patient browser
  • [OVPMS-2075] - Increase the height of the New Medical Record box to include Weight
  • [OVPMS-2079] - Include Form and Letter template name in Medical Records.jrxml
  • [OVPMS-2067] - Update sample templates lookup use
  • [OVPMS-2070] - Provide administrative support to monitor and restart Smart Flow Sheet interface
  • [OVPMS-2072] - Clarify invalid reference error
  • [OVPMS-2073] - Suppress error reporting for java.awt.print.PrinterException: Invalid name of PrintService.
Bug fixes: 
  • [OVPMS-2060] - Can't change work list when creating a new follow-up task
  • [OVPMS-2062] - Focus can move to clinician field when adding invoice items
  • [OVPMS-2063] - Plugin data and deploy directories missing from release
  • [OVPMS-2065] - migrate-1.3-to-1.4.sql contains SQL rejected by MySQL 5.5
  • [OVPMS-2071] - DefaultRichTextRenderer.getFontNames() throws ClassCastException under openjdk 10
  • [OVPMS-2076] - Always include letterhead in insurance claim invoice and history attachments
  • [OVPMS-2077] - Reminders shouldn't be generated during charging if species doesn't match the reminder type species