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Project description: 

This project will simplify the invoicing of customers for boarding services.

It will:

  • automatically charge pets based on the number of nights that a pet has boarded for at Check-Out
  • allow multiple pets to be housed in a single kennel/cage, charged at different rates e.g.:
    • Luxury Suite Charge - $65/day
    • Luxury Suite 2nd Pet - $30/day
  • support day and overnight boarding rates
  • support a late-checkout charge
  • prompt to check-out all patients belonging to a customer
  • ensure that only a single Visit is created for pets staying for an extended period


Cage Types

To support boarding invoicing, appointment schedules may have an optional Cage Type. This contains:

  • Name - the name of the Cage Type
  • First Pet Product - Day - the product that is charged for day boarding
  • Second Pet Product - Day - the product that is charged for day boarding for other pets belonging to the same customer in the same cage (i.e. the first pet is charged using the First Pet Product - Day). Optional
  • First Pet Product - Overnight - the product that is charged per night for one pet.
  • Second Pet Product - Overnight the product that is charged per night for other pets belonging to the same customer in the same cage (i.e. the first pet is charged using the First Pet Product - Overnight). Optional.
  • Late Checkout Time - the time after which a fee is charged for late checkout. Optional.
  • Late Checkout Product - the product that is charged for late checkout. Optional.

The products may be templates with weight rules, in order to support weight-based charging.  

E.g. a Cage Type might look like:

  • Name: Small Cat Cage
  • First Pet Product - Day: Cat Boarding - Day Rate
  • Second Pet Product - Day: Cat Boarding - 2nd Pet Day Rate
  • First Pet Product - Overnight: Cat Boarding - O/N Rate
  • Second Pet Product - Overnight: Cat Boarding - 2nd Pet O/N Rate
  • Late Checkout Time: 5:30pm
  • Late Checkout Product: Boarding - Late Checkout


On check-in, a new Visit will always be created for the pet. Any existing Visit will be marked Completed.  This is necessary to ensure that pets can be charged based on the length of their Visit.


Check-Out will be extended to:

  • prompt to check out any other patients the customer has appointments for, that are due for check out on the same day
  • automatically invoice boarding charges for each patient, as per the rules below
  • automatically invoice boarding charges if Check-Out is performed from a Work-List Task. A link will be required between the patient visit and the boarding appointment to support this.

Invoicing Rules

All charges based on the time of check-in, and time of check-out. The appointment times are not used charging purposes.

Single Pet

Single pets are charged the First Pet Product - Day, if they check-in and out on the same day.
If they stay multiple days, they are charged First Pet Product - Overnight, with the quantity determined set to the number of days beween the current date and the pet's visit date. Any time is ignored.

Multiple Pets, Same Cage

If a customer has multiple pets in the same cage, and the pets are entering and leaving on the same days:

  • The heaviest pet is charged as per the Single Pet rule above. The heaviest pet is selected to ensure that weight based templates are applied uniformly.
  • For single day stay, subsequent pets in the cage are charged Second Pet Product - Day, if present. If none is defined, they will be charged First Pet Product - Day.
  • For multiple day stay, subsequent pets in the cage are charged Second Pet Product - Overnight, if present. If none is defined, they will be charged First Pet Product - Overnight.

Multiple Pets, Same Cage, Different Days.

If a customer has multiple pets in the same cage, but the pets are entering and leaving on the different days, the Single Pet rule above applies to each pet.

Multiple Pets, Different Cages

Multiple pets in different cages are each charged using the Single Pet rule above.

Late Checkout

If a Cage Type specifies a Late Checkout Time and Late Checkout Product, and the time at checkout is greater, then the Late Checkout Product will be charged, with quantity 1.


  • the late checkout charge does not apply if the pet overstays, but leaves before the Late Checkout Time. It will be charged for the additional day(s) using the rules above.
  • if a customer does a late checkout and has multiple pets, the Late Checkout Product for each Cage Type may be charged to the invoice.


This project does not support:

  • hourly based boarding charges
  • different rates for extended stays
  • surcharges if a patient stays a day or more beyond their scheduled departure date. Patients will be charged the relevant product for each additional day.
  • surcharges if a patient leaves before their scheduled departure date. Patients will only be charged for the days stayed
  • multi-pet rates if a customer's pet stay in the same cage, but check-in/check-out on different days.
  • limits of pets per cage. The Allow Double Booking Flag on the Schedule will be used to indicate that a cage supports multiple pets, but not the maximum number.





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Re: Boarding invoicing

We would be very interested in participating in this project. 

An additional feature we would like to propose is for a dialog box to pop up when checking out a client who has multiple pets boarding/checked in asking if you would like to check out all pets. Our larger facilities have 180+ runs/kennels and can house up to 200 pets. Being able to check out all clients from the boarding schedule with a single click would be a great addition, particularly since checking a pet out via the work list would undo this proposed upgrade.

Thanks, Alan

Re: Boarding invoicing

So it would:

  • pop up a listing of all other patients for that customer who are currently boarding, with a checkbox indicating to check them out or leave them in
  • tick those that are due to check out today
  • leave unticked those that are checking out on another day

When you click OK, it proceeds to the invoice, with line items added for all of those patients selected.

At completion of the Check-Out workflow all associated patient visits and boarding appointments will have their status set to Completed.

How do you charge for boarding? E.g. do you require a deposit based on the estimated number of days? Do you have an additional charge if they overstay by hours or days?


Re: Boarding invoicing

Good morning Tim.

I think it is implied but just to confirm: When the number of days stayed is automatically calculated, it will use the time elapsed since check in and not the amount of night/time blocked on the calendar, correct?

Thanks, Alan

Re: Boarding invoicing

Thats correct. I'ved added a Check-In section and a note in Invoicing Rules to clarify this.

Re: Boarding invoicing

Thanks Alan for starting the funding for this project. Any clinic that boards pets absolutely needs this feature, it is now funded to 50% .

Re: Boarding invoicing

Great thread on time-based automatic invoicing. Our hospital often has patients stay for several days. Even though we don't do "boarding" as such, could this methodology also be used to capture hospitalisation fees?

Thanks, Sam

Re: Boarding invoicing

Sure. If the appointment has a schedule with a cage type, then you can do automatic invoicing for days stayed.

Re: Boarding invoicing


We would like to use this feature in a slightly different way (as Sam mentioned above).

We'd like to automatically invoice hospitalisation charges depending on when they are transfered to a hospital Worklist (not checked-in to a schedule) and when they are checked-out of that same worklist.

We don't want to use the schedule as that would invoice hospitalisation to every client that had a consult (not just the ones that get transferred to hospital).

This is presumably a development, but wondering if it is possible to do?


Re: Boarding invoicing

At present, the only way to do time based charging automatically is via boarding appointments. If you know a patient is going to be hospitalised ahead of time, you could set up a boarding appointment for it.

This could be expanded to provide support to transfer an existing checked-in appointment to a boarding schedule to capture time-based charges. At present, only Pending appointments can be moved between schedules.

To support it via tasks, there would need to be a facility to associate a product with the work list (for schedules, this is done with Cage Types).

There would also need to be some triggers when the product is charged. These could be:

  • when the patient is checked out from the work list
  • when the task is transferred to a different work list




Re: Boarding invoicing

Thanks Tim,

Maybe this needs to be a new project - time based charging??

Cage Types is good as the base, but perhaps something similar called Hospitalisation Type?

Would anyone else be interested in this system?

The triggers you mentioned would be fine for us.


Re: Boarding invoicing

Please direct any comments to that project.

Re: Boarding invoicing

Greta - we would want to use this exactly the same was as you are thinking. It would automate and make super accurate all our hospitalisation charging. Currently a big annoying issue that our billings nurse checks daily! I have provided some feedback on this project but would be super keen to get this going.

Re: Boarding invoicing

Tim, thanks for letting us test the new boarding projects. I think hospitals that do boarding are going to love this new feature as well as the new boarding views project.

I mentioned it to Tony but the system is currently charging portions of days and not nights as intended (a Friday to Monday visit is being charged four days versus three nights). I think this has already been relayed to you via Tony but he asked me to add it here as well.

Also, an idea for an upgrade (way) down the road: If a client checks out early, can the schedule be automatically updated to reflect an open cage during the time that had been blocked past the actual checkout time? 

Have a good weekend.


Re: Boarding invoicing

The invoicing of days rather than nights was corrected in revision 7058.

I can't see any issue with amending appointment end times if the checkout is prior to their scheduled time. I would restrict it to boarding rather than general appointments however.

Raised as OVPMS-1766

Re: Boarding invoicing


Minor tweak... When you go to check out a boarding client, the pop up box reads Days (26 in the image I am attaching) but it invoices 25 nights (as expected). Can we get the pop up box to have the same count as the invoice to avoid confusion?

Thanks, Alan

Listed as days.JPG 53.46 KB
Listed as days a.JPG 67 KB

Re: Boarding invoicing

Tim, it was brought to my attention that if a pet does not stay longer than 24 hours, they are only charged for day boarding. To test this, I checked in a pet around 5:00pm last night, then just checked them out at 10:00am and they were in fact charged the day boarding rate and not the overnight rate. My front desk staff have been manually correcting this but these pets should be charged one night. Can this please be corrected?

Thanks, Alan

Re: Boarding invoicing

This was fixed in revision 7214.

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