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Project description: 

This project will enable Product Templates to include other Product Templates.

Included product templates will be expanded when the parent template expands in charges and estimates. E.g. given the following templates:

Template A

  • include 1 Template B
  • include 2 Template C

Template B

  • include 5 Medication X
  • include 2 Medication Y

Template C

  • include 10 Medication Z

Expanding Template A in a charge will generate the following line items:

  • 5 Medication X
  • 2 Medication Y
  • 20 Medication Z

Duplicate Products

If the same product is included multiple times via different templates, only one line item will be created, with the aggregate quantity.

Nested template recursion

A product template may not contain itself; trying to save one that does will be prevented with a validation error.

If a product template includes itself indirectly (via another template), this will be detected when the template expands, and an error displayed.

Invoice Notes

If a template contains Invoice Notes, these are added to the existing Notes on the Invoice. If a nested template contains Invoice Notes, these will not be added.

Relationship to other projects

Weight-based Product Templates

Included templates will be subject to weight based-restrictions. i.e. an included template will not be expanded if the patient doesn't fall in the required weight range.

Printing invoices and estimates grouped by product template 

The charge/estimate item will be linked to the outermost product template. This is necessary to handle the situation where products are aggregated.




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Re: Nested product templates

This looks like an amazing new feature. we will support this.

Re: Nested product templates

Thank you for your support Benjamin. This project is now fully funded and will be able to be used by the whole user community.

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