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Many POS terminals support opening the cash drawer by sending a set of control codes to the receipt printer*.

This project will add support to open the cash drawer linked to a till:

  • when finalising a payment or refund
  • when clearing a till
  • administratively, from the Till Balancing workspace


To configure a till to open the cash drawer, Till will be extended to include the following fields:

  • Printer - the name of the receipt printer
  • Drawer Command - a comma-separated list of decimal values. A value must be in the range 0-255

Both fields will be optional. When both are present, the open drawer command will be converted to a byte array that will be sent to the corresponding printer.

When editing the Till, the:

  • Printer field will be displayed as a dropdown list of the names of all available printers
  • Drawer Command will be displayed as a text field

Testing the Drawer Command

The editor for the Till will be extended to include a "Test" button next to the Drawer Command field. This will send the command to the selected printer.

Opening the cash drawer

The cash drawer will be opened when:

  • a payment or refund is finalised in Customer|Payments
  • a payment is made at Check-Out
  • a till is cleared in Workflow|Till Balancing
  • the "Open Drawer" button is clicked in Workflow|Till Balancing




* See Receipt printer control codes to open attached cash drawer




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Re: Open Cash Drawer

There also needs to be the ability to open the cash drawer on a casual basis rather than as part of receipting or balancing workflow. Would just need a button somewhere to send the open drawer command, perhaps in the till balancing workspace. 

Re: Open Cash Drawer

Is this button available only to users with admin role, or to everyone?


Re: Open Cash Drawer

Wouldnt you only want the cash draw to open on CASH or cheque payments?  

EFT payments wouldnt need to trigger the draw?


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Re: Open Cash Drawer

EFT payments with a non-zero cashout need to be supported.

Re: Open Cash Drawer

This has been fully funded by one of our user community. Thanks very much!

Re: Open Cash Drawer

Has anyone had any success firing the till drawer via a USB printer server if so what steps were needed?


Cheers in advance



Re: Open Cash Drawer

Has anyone successfully installed a USP or Ethernet cash drawer trigger.

I've tried so many now that it's completely beaten me. Perhaps I need to buy a different brand to the UMD models I have. Anyone have one that's easy to install on a Windows Server?

Re: Open Cash Drawer

We have tried and failed. Linux cloud server. Tried with a printer network switch connected to one of those dongles that you had. I gave up.

Re: Open Cash Drawer


We have succesfully used UMD Ethernet Till drawers at all of our sites, model GC54-E.

Setup as a CUPS generic text printer to the Ip address and then configure the Till to send the following:


Hope this helps.

Cheers Tony

Re: Open Cash Drawer


Thanks - we got it working. Well, i should say our IT people did.



Re: Open Cash Drawer

Hi, is it possible to add an option for the till draw NOT to open when credit card or eftpos payments without cash out are put through?



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