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Bulk price updates is an often requested feature for OpenVPMS.

This project would provide a new workspace that would enable users to do bulk price updates to products matching some criteria.



Bulk price updates is an often requested feature for OpenVPMS.

This project would provide a new workspace that would enable users to do bulk price updates to products matching some criteria.

Product Selection Criteria

Products may be selected using their:

  • archetype, e.g. "Medication"
  • name, e.g. starting with "Acepromazine*"
  • product type, e.g. "Medical"
  • classification e.g. "Vaccination"
  • target species, e.g. "Canine"
  • price range e.g. $25-$35

Price Update Criteria

The workspace would allow specifying:

  • a whole or percentage value to fixed prices or unit prices. E.g:
    • increase all fixed prices by $2.50
    • increase all unit prices by 10%
    • decrease all fixed prices by 5%
  • a starting date or date range for the new prices
  • a rounding option. When checked, this would round by using the currency rounding convention to the minimum denomination. The minimum denomination can be specified. E.g round prices to nearest 10c.

The existing fixed and unit price end dates will be set to that of the new price start date - 1.

The markup of each price will be recalculated.

Update Review

When applying a price update, the workspace will prompt the user to review changes before committing them. This would:

  • display the matching products
  • display their previous and new prices. If multiple prices for a product are included, these would be displayed
  • display the date range that the prices apply to
  • enable editing of indidividual prices


It should be possible to print off a price report of those prices matching the criteria before making the changes. This report would contain:

  • Product Identifier
  • Product name
  • Unit price
  • Fixed price
  • Unit price start date
  • Unit price end date
  • Fixed price start date
  • Fixed price end date

Similarly, it should be possible to print off a report prior to committing a batch update indicating the new prices. This report would contain:

  • Product Identifier
  • Product name
  • Old unit price
  • Old fixed price
  • New unit price
  • New fixed price
  • New unit price start date
  • New unit price end date
  • New fixed price start date
  • New fixed price end date


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Re: Price batch update workspace

How do you want this to work?
I imagine it would work something like the following:

  1. The filters would be used to select the products to update.
  2. Matching products would be displayed in a table.
  3. This table would be pageable if there are too many matching products.
  4. Fixed and unit prices would be directly editable in the table.
  5. Changing a price creates a new price version, if the price existing price has been saved.
  6. Modified prices would be highlighted (e.g. cell background colour change), until saved
  7. Historical prices would be visible in dropdowns made visible by clicking the corresponding fixed/unit price cell
  8. Changing a price back to its original value (either by direct entry, selecting a historical price from a dropdown etc) would remove the 'modified' highlight.
  9. Beneath the table, would be the fields to enter batch fixed and unit price modifiers.
  10. An Apply button would apply the batch fixed/unit price changes to all products matching the filter
  11. Pressing Apply would update the prices displayed in the table
  12. Applying more than once without saving would not add create multiple price versions
  13. A Save button would save the changes
  14. A Revert button would revert all unsaved changes
  15. A Print button would print the current products being updated
  16. If other users are editing products while price changes are being performed, versioning issues may arise. Rather than aborting the edit, those products that can't be saved will be displayed in a dialog with the current version displayed. The user will be given the option to apply their price update, or skip it, for each conflict.


Re: Price batch update workspace

Hi Tim,

Reminds me of MySQL browser and I think that would provide a very professional solution.

Love the specification personally.


Re: Price batch update workspace

I estimate there's  approximately 48 hours work there.


Re: Price batch update workspace

a) Can we please add a rounding option so that in countries where the base currency unit is of low value, or the organisation has chose to have only whole dollar/pound/lira prices, the new price is whole dollar amount.  In fact, for a complete solution one needs a rounding on/off switch, and if on then a rounding type and 'to nearest' value [just like the currency settings].

b) I presume that the standard 'business rules' will apply - ie if the price is updated then the markup will also be adjusted.

c) Don't we need an 'as from' date facility so as to be able to apply a price update as from a future date and not just today. 

d) If the program is good enough to ensure that all earlier prices are closed off (ie have an end date set), then one could use Kettle to do a price update from a new price list provided by a supplier. [Though I am certain that a less geekish solution of having a priceload utility  would be easier to use (though less flexible) than Kettle.]

Regards, Tim G

Re: Price batch update workspace

Does not the price export/import facility in 1.7 provide the required functionality.  If so, this project can be closed as a duplicate.  Regards, Tim G

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