Canadian PST/GST Template Package


This is a package of archetype templates and reports that can be used in most Canadian provinces and other jurisdictions that have non-identical PST/GST tax structures.  The templates here take OpenVPMS's line-item tax-inclusive price and tax amount and display them as a tax-exclusive price, along with the PST and GST tax components.

The package includes replacement archetype templates for:

  • invoice
  • credit
  • counter sale

as well as special reports for

  • PST / GST summary on sales
  • client sales
  • product / service sales

The package also contains java source code for a small utility that aids in further development of the algorithm for other multi-tax environments.

For further information, please see the README.txt file included with the package.

Samuel Longiaru

Kamloops, BC


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Re: Canadian PST/GST Template Package

Thanks very much for contributing this Sam. Hopefully it will help others looking to deploy in Canada.

Re: Canadian PST/GST Template Package

Well, that would be nice.  We'll certainly be putting out the word as to what a great piece of software it is!

Re: Canadian PST/GST Template Package - Updated reports

I've updated two reports (PST/GST and Sales) that I found were not properly reporting PST and GST on reversed items.  Additional logic has been added in the formulas for calculating PST and GST that takes into account the negative nature of those values in a reversal. When comparing negative values, the concepts of "less than" and "greater than" were going the wrong way.  The new code compares absolute values and avoids the problem.

I didn't catch it until we tried to do our first real reports.  Everything else is still looking good.


pst-GstReport-Cdn-version-2.jrxml 28.18 KB
salesProductService-Cdn-version-2.jrxml 30.65 KB

Re: Canadian PST/GST Template Package - Updated for 1.8

Attached is an updated Canadian template package for 1.8.  I've run all the reports through Jaspersoft Studio and have made the correction for the deprecated pdf fonts.  I noticed when migrating my old 1.7 reports to 1.8 that the PST-GST report gave a blank report... and so that has been rewritten from scratch in Studio.  Works now.

As before, if there are any questions regarding the use of these templates in other two-tax jurisdictions, please don't hesitate to ask.


ApportionPST_GST.java_.txt 7.02 KB
clientSalesReport-Cdn-1.8.jrxml 38.08 KB
counterSale-Cdn-1.8.jrxml 11.28 KB
counterSaleItems-Cdn-1.8.jrxml 12.59 KB
credit-Cdn-1.8.jrxml 11.59 KB
creditItems-Cdn-1.8.jrxml 9.35 KB
invoice-Cdn-1.8.jrxml 17.87 KB
invoiceItems-Cdn-1.8.jrxml 15.47 KB
invoiceReminders-Cdn-1.8.jrxml 5.09 KB
PST-GstReport-Cdn-2-1.8.jrxml 34.91 KB
README-1.8.txt 4.4 KB
salesProductService-Cdn-2-1.8.jrxml 32.06 KB

Re: Canadian PST/GST Template Package - Updated PST/GST Report

Only after taking the bookkeeping functions in-house, did I noticed that there is an error in reporting the income, GST and PST in the PST/GST report provided above in those cases where a Work-in-Progress extends over the end of a reporting period.  The WIP was being counted in the earlier period, then counted in the new period as a finalized invoice.  The result is to over-report income and taxes by the amount of the WIP.  The fix is to exclude all Works-in-Progress from the report.

A modified report is attached.  Sorry. Tricksy...




PST-GstReport-Cdn-2-1.8-no-WIP.jrxml 34.94 KB
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