Prescription expiry merge field

I'm wanting to call the prescription expiry field for a prescription document - just wondering if there is an in-build merge field or if it is possible to create a custom merge field for this. We regularly generate prescription documents which can call the product, quantity etc but I can't find one for the expiry.

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Re: Prescription expiry merge field

You can use endTime for this.

If you are using the Prescription.odt template included in the OpenVPMS release distribution, you can add this in OpenOffice Writer by adding:

  1. Create a new field by going Insert -> Fields -> Other -> User Field
  2. In Name, enter ExpiryDate
  3. In Value, enter endTime
  4. Click on the green tick
  5. Click Insert to place it in the document
  6. Upload the updated document to the Prescription template in Administration - Templates
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