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Archiving Old Data -

OpenVPMS has been in use by clinics for over 25 years now - I wonder how much "old data" is being kept in databases - occupying disk space and slowing data access.  

I define "old data" as that which no longer has any value ie - its being kept outside legislative requirements for animals that are no longer clients or alive. 

Is it worth while looking at some sort of archive solution internally - ie selectively move records to an alternate db / file while leaving a link behind in the record.  

Medical Prescriptions - compliance and charging

I am interested in improving the compliance of OpenVPMS with various rules surrounding vets issuing written prescriptions -


Currently, OpenVPMS handles prescriptions as an internal object - basically really designed to manage a pet's prescription at the practice itself rather than at a 3rd party pharmacy.  

Printer not found in Print Dialog / Hang Up when printing to PDF


I have a network printer shared and I tried to print using the OpenVPMS print dialog. However, I cant seem to find my network printer in the selection. When I tried printing via PDF and pressed OK, it seems to have hanged up and I am unable to print. Is there a way for me to add my own printer directly in the print dialog or fix the issue on the lag regarding the print to pdf option.



Fixed Price


Trying to work out how to change a products fixed price (dispensing cost). I am able to change the unit price when I am on the products and edit but cant do the same with the fixed price.



Uploading a new patient document and getting it to prefill details


Just wondering if anyone can help with how to upload a document and get it to pre-fill with customer details etc. I have done up a patient admission form with open sections for customer and patient details to be prefilled. I have the information with the cheats to make it pre-fill (e.g. [openvpms:get(party:getPatientOwner(.),'name')] for the customers name), however when I upload it, it's not working...

I have made sure that the document is saved as an odt document but I still must be missing a step...


Thanks in advance.

User authority on products


How do I restrict the ability to change anything in Products to Administrators only?

Staff other than Administrators can still make a product Inactive, add Prices, add tests, add linked items etc. They can't delete prices, but they can do almost anything else.

This was alerted to me as a product was made inactive by accident by one of our vets this week.



Multiple Prescriptions To be Printed



I would like to ask on how to print multiple medication prescriptions in one single prescription file. I know that there is a Medical Record that lists all prescriptions/services per visit but I would just like to print all the medications that was given on a particular visit.




Stock amount


New to open vpms. But not sure why when a medication/product is sold when I go back to stock location the number of stock is not changing.

Cheers Mariane

Bit of help editing the medical records template

Hi everyone,


We had a request from one of our referral clinics in regards to our medical records and date order (an old chestnut I know).

My understanding is that date order goes Visit>Note

Their confusion comes in not being able to see where the visits start (and why note dates are therefore not always in chronological order). 


Search work flow scheduling for appointments

Hopefully someone can tell me how you search in the work flow for an appointment in the future - preferably by Client surname.


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