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Has anyone used Talkatoo? One of our vets are doing a trial but wanted to know if it's something that could be intergrated with OpenVPMS.

Note length


It seems we can write an unlimited amount of text in a note, but when we print/email the patient history, if the note is long it won't appear. Is this something to do with our document set up or OpenVPMS?




Patient invoice report


We have more and more clients now with Pet insurance and a few that save up claiming for the whole year then want us to print each invoice for pet that is insured.

It could be a multiple pet household with only one pet insured, there are many variables.

My question is: Is there a report that allows us to print the invoices for a certain patient in a certain date range?


If not is this something we could perhaps fund in the future?




North Hobart Vet Hospital

Attach htm documents to emails using 'Attach' button


When trying to add an htm document to an email using the 'Attach' button, we get the following error "Failed to export document".

PDF and other documents work fine, but the htm ones cannot be added.

An example of this is our ASAP results are htm. If we are sending a patient history to client, we cannot add the ASAP results to the email by using the 'attach' button and clicking on the asap result.

Is this fixable?


Select dates for patient history - doesn't work in print/mail


We have noticed that you can no longer email a history for just a particular date.

You used to be able to change the dates you wanted to see in the patient history and email and it would only email that day that you wanted, now it changes it on the screen to only show a particular day but the attachment has all the history.



Lab Recall List

Hi Everyone,

We are using 2.2 and have the Idexx integration with both our inhouse machines and the external lab (for tests we send off). This works fabulously and saves us all a lot of time.

I am seeking ideas of ways we could have the equivalent of a lab recall list so that all tests that are run go onto some form of list automatically (I don't want this done manually by our staff).

The obvious motivation is so that we can keep looking through the list and ensure all our tests have been reported back to the owners.

Error: date is greater than last updated


We are occasionally getting this error when adding items to an invoice since the last upgrade to 2.2

"date is greater than last updated"

Can someone please tell us what we are doing wrong and how we can fix it?

Wildcard searching for product names when billing

As we get more and more used to google-ish searching we find ourselves telling staff repeatedly about using the wildcard symbol "%" more and more often.


eg. To search for product "AMCLT50 (CLAVULOX)"  with "%clav%"

Some searches in OpenVPMS have the % added to start and finish of the search term by default. 

Could product searches be made one of these?



Communications in medical records (2.2)

Upgrading to 2.2 has been a seemless affair. Congratulations to Tim & Tony for the release.


In regards to have Customer & Patient communications shown in the Visit Editor->Summary tab;


1. Color

Is there a color setting like the other elements?

Renew prescription?

Is there a way to renew a prescription (i.e. create a copy of an expired or used presciption)?

If not, can I propose it as a really good idea?

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