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Concept: Mixed Workflow display screen

Our practices are now commonly using a 3rd appointment column to display pending notes and followup for vets and nurse - using a custom appointment type.

The worklists almost never get a look in

People want a one stop view so they get a good picture of the daily work.

SMS to clients

We have x2 clients that do not receive text messages that we know of. All settings correct, preferred, sms allowed ticked? Could there be another reason they arent sending?

Appointment Status

Hi, have noticed with new upgrade when appointment is "cancelled" or "checked in" we can no longer change back to “pending” if needed.

How do we do this?

Discounts on estimates

Hello all, I feel that we are now able to do discounts on estimates, but when I do the box comes up - Error


Failed to validate High Unit Price of Estimate Item: Value must be >= 0.0


we are running version 2.4 alpha 11


Thank you



Concept: Dynamic Report Buttons

Bit of the thought bubble - we have certain reports we use daily or atleast frequently in certain contexts.  

THey dont really need to be a form on a patient history but often that is the only way we can generate them.  

My idea:

Create an administrative interface /customisation that allows individual practices to add dynamic buttons to certain context windows -  

The parameters would be:

1. Context the button appears in

2. Display Name -  the name to render

Consultation Workflow

Hi all 

I was wondering if we could review and improve the consultation workflow to provide a better historical record.

To clarify currently the process I see used is the client is "Checked in" by the nurse.   The Appointment Reason is transferred to the visit reason - and the summary is left blank. In reality some clinics use the appointment reason as "checkup" and then put detail in the notes

Problem when upgrading from 2.1.2 to

Hi all,

Could anyone offer advice please as I encountered a problem when upgrading from 2.1.2 to

I was able to get to the login screen but after entering login name and password, it displayed HTTP Status 500 - Filter execution threw an exception:

javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter execution threw an exception


Before this, I've followed the Upgrade An Existing System Guide.

I created the config file by using the toolbox config command.

Result intergration with OpenVPMS

Hi everyone,

We are from VET Pathology located in Brisbane. We are looking for the way having the results automatically attached for case (RequestID) under OpenVPMS software

I found this link as below

We can result by email with file attachment in body and subject with request ID

However I am unsure the syntax of subject line. Anyone having the ideas/expereicence please advise us

New Investigation

Hello - has been awhile since I added a new product and cannot seem to upload the correct test for an Idexx blood test and not sure what I am doing wrong.... comes up with this error when I select the test that I need???

Thanks for your help



Pension discount not applying

The discount for pensioners as stopped applying to invoices ?


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