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Lab Results are forever IN_PROGRESS

I noticed today that all our Lab results - whether the are IN house results or VetConnect result.  Have not been marked as COMPLETE since 2022.  

The STATUS is not user editable.  

What defines  a test as COMPLETE ?



Hi All,

Rather than revive a dead post from 2018 I was wondering if there was any progress on support for VETENVOY? They have recently made this free to practices which has got me interested. The majority of UK insurers and labs (and PMS suppliers) support the vetenvoy system but I'm not sure if this is true in the Aus market where most of the openvpms client base is.


Any info appreciated.



Change merchandise to medication

Dear all,
Fairly trivial question but one I haven't found an answer to in the forums thus far.

I have created a few products as merchandise but have subsequently decided I'd rather they were listed as medications (for labels etc). I cannot for the life of me find a way of changing them from one to t'other. Is there a simple way or will it require direct modification of the database?

Any advise much appreciated.


Suppliers Report

Wanting to know if it possible to get a report for items from a particular supplier. For example wanting a list report for all Zoetis medication for a 30 period.

decimals for injections

Good evening wise people,

I would like to check on the rounding up or down of volumes of medications and not sure where to go.

Have found our s8 drugs are being rounded so our S8 books are not matching the stock volumes on OPEN

ie sign out 0.05mls and is rounded down to 0 when I run a report

So I would like to ensure that it is configured to 2 decimal points.

Thank you Anna

Report on Sales by Product Type per month/per year

I am trying to work out sales by Product Type to assess possible loss of pharma/medication and or OTC sales (to online competitors). Is there such a report?

Active Customers and Active Patients

Feature Request

We have a number of pets owned jointly.  

This means - all the owners are current owners but the dog will stay with one or the other at various times rendering that owner active

Currently the only way of switching is adding and removing end dates  and start dates

I propose that a pet could have multiple owners that only have a startdate, the active flag becomes a boolean switch that is rendered in the UI as a check box. 

Customer Discount Report

Good afternoon,

I want a list of clients with discounts applied to them.

I have found the Report - Customer Discount , which I feel is the correct one.

We are running 2.4 beta 2

I have downloaded reports before, have it as a type = report, report type = financial

but when I run it the report is a blank page and I am not sure what I am doing wrong

The report has a start and end date, but we have no end date on the discounts that have been applied to clients - but I dont think this should impact on the report?

Idexx price increase and product changes

Hello I apologise if this has been covered, but I am going through the price increases for idexx and cannot find some new products


Old product was cytology CYA2 for second site, but now on the 2024 directory of service they do not have that product but have a new product for 2 sites as CYT2 but when I go to add this product there is no product lab test by that name

Diagnostics viewing- are you able to bulk 'mark as reviewed'


I am trying to get staff into the habit of using the Investigations Tab better as we have many clients call for results before we are calling them. It involves Vets better using the tab and marking results as 'reviewed'. I had previously worked with ezyVet where multiple 'received' or 'in progress' lab results slowed down the system to some extent. Is that the same in OpenVPMS and is there a way to bulk mark as 'reviewed' tests from e.g more than one month ago?

Thanks in advance,


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