The following is a list of new features and improvements in the 2.2 release. You should also check Known Issues and the Implementation Checklist.

Features in this release include:


IDEXX VetScan FUSE integration

OpenVPMS can now submit orders directly to IDEXX VetScan FUSE, and receive the results. Orders can be submitted to IDEXX Reference Laboratories, or IDEXX VetLab Stations.


Invoice credit items

Invoices can now include credits, by entering negative quantities. This removes the need to create a separate Credit, if a product needs to be returned.

Charge Reporting

Work In Progress

The Work In Progress workspace has moved from Reporting - Work In Progress to Reporting - Charges.

This now:

  • displays the customer summary when selecting a charge
  • supports printing and emailing the selected charge


A new Search facility has been added to Reporting - Charges to search for charges by:

  • identifier
  • customer name. Partial customer names may be entered
  • customer identifier
  • amount or range of amounts
  • type
  • date
  • location


Audited editing of payment types on finalised payments


Administrators can now edit finalised customer payments to change payment types.
This can be done via Customer - Accounts or Reporting - Till Balancing.


Communications in patient history summary

Communications can now be summarised in Patients - Medical Records - Summary.


  • makes it easier to see the flow of events for a patient, such was when reminders were sent
  • removes the need to copy communications as Notes into a patient's history

Communication records are for informational purposes only, so they:

  • do not appear in printed histories
  • are not submitted in insurance claims

New Communication records can be created using the Log button.

The display of Communication records can be enabled or disabled with the Show Communications preference.



Price History

If a product supplier has Auto Price Update set, changes to the List Price update will now close the existing Unit Price and create a new one.

This will also occur when processing supplier deliveries.

This simplifies maintaining a history of prices.

Price Notes

Product prices now include a Notes field. These can be used to note why a price has been changed. For Unit Prices created:

  • by a delivery, this will include a message like:

    Price created by delivery 10009 from supplier Provet on 20/2/2020

  • a product supplier with Auto Price Update set, this will include a message like:

    Price created by auto-update of supplier: Cenvet



SMS messages are now queued for delivery to SMS providers. If a provider is not available, messages will be retried until sent, or they expire.

The status of messages can be viewed in the Reporting - SMS workspace.

Clickatell plugin

A new Clickatell plugin is available for the Clickatell SMS REST service.

This supports monitoring status changes to messages, something not possible with the existing Clickatell support via the Clickatell SMTP Connection.

See Reference - Setup - SMS for more details.

User Interface


Create and update user information

The user that created and last updated an object is now displayed.

This information is available for:

  • Acts -  e.g, charges, estimates, appointments, reminders
  • Parties - e.g. customers, patients, suppliers
  • Entities - e.g. discounts, reminder types, product doses
  • Users
  • Products
  • Product Prices
  • Lookups
  • Documents
  • Archetypes
  • Roles



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