Interactive Reminders

Reminder Types and Product Reminder Links can now be set to display a new reminder dialog when reminders are generated through charging.

The Reminder Type Interactive flag is used as the default for any new Product Reminder interactive settings.  That is if you link a reminder to a product the setting for Interactive for the link will be determined by the setting in the Reminder Type.  This will not effect existing links just any new links created.

In the product you can nominate whether you want a specific reminder to be interactive or not overriding the original setting in the reminder type.

The default setting in non interactive so, from an implementers perspective, you will only need to modify those products that have reminder type links that you want to change to be interactive.

When set to interactive the users will get a new reminder dialog appear when they select the product with the default due date set to the interval defined for the product.  They can accept or override this date.

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